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Saturday, May 9, 2009

My baby cakes led me to these...

...and I HAD to share them. Like my tastes in bags and shoes, the bigger the better also applies to my taste in earrings. And I always hear it from S. He won't ever tell me that MY earrings are too big, but he is pretty observant when it comes to the size of other women and their earrings. So, at 3 am last night/this morning, he woke up me up to share these effin DOPE ASS graffiti freight train hoops...and five minutes later, he woke me up again to share the hoops with the 26 letters of the alphabet (26, right? lol) in a pretty dope graf handstyle (called "graffilthy" hoops and also a "graffilthy" ring). Other pieces created by dmdmetal are equally as fresh and unique as the graffiti inspired pieces. Those fringe hoops are so simple but intriguing, I think.

Also, did I mention on the train earrings and pendant you are able to customize the "grafitti"?? They are a bit pricet, but holy bejeebus....S sure does have great taste!

Check out the collection on etsy:


  1. thank you :)
    a friend bought them from eBay but never wore them and then she gave them to me. search under "Sam Edelman harness boots" good luck, dear! :)


  2. This jewelry is so cool! Thank you for the tip!


  3. Dude that ring is awesome...yes he has great taste! Great find!!!!