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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I finally received my art projects back from this semester when the semester ended last week...I was taking a "design fundamentals" course to fulfill my financial aid hours, and it turned out to be a photoshop tutorial-type design class. Needless to say, the photos I had on my laptop were all fashion-inspired, so I decided to use the three above for one of my designs. You may remember them from this post, and this was my initial final product:

It was a bit controversial, considering I attend a Catholic university, but my professor loved it. I got problems for real, yo. hahaha...

Anyhoo, S decided he wanted to do a collaboration thing with it when I got home...and this is our final result:

Sorry for the grainy, crappy camera phone photos...but in the near future, I swear I am going to join the rest of the world and get a real camera.


  1. Looks great, very cool!

  2. amazing images and liking your art project.
    muah x

  3. These are cool. Do you go to UIW?