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Monday, May 18, 2009

Chloe Sevigny Knockoffs!

um...yeah, so stoked! I walked into F21 today and practically crapped my pants. The heel and the crocodile print makes them that much better. Since I have serious doubts of a mysterious money drop (see post below), I had to buy 'em.

On another is a pair of sandals that I picked up from Journey's. This is prolly the first pair of flats I've copped since flip flops and sneaks since...uh...I have no clue. I know my calves are going to suffer, but my feet are beginning to get a bit angry being exposed to 4" heels. I came home wearing them and S thought I was wearing ankle bracelets. Not to mention in the first 15 minutes I started wearin' 'em, I received three compliments (a broad and TWO dudes). I will give credit to the 18 year old salesdude and my mama for pointing my attention to them. Big ups to the dude @ La Cantera, whatever your name was!

So hopefully, this is the beginning of a dope ass flats collection. haha

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