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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Limi Feu

I spent all weekend in Austin then came home and discovered I really need to do laundry. I mean, I have clean clothes but nothing I want to wear. I hope I can convince S to do a couple of loads while I'm at work.

So I'm browsing through some photos for inspiration with the clean remains of my wardrobe and came across Limi Feu. Perfect for my Monday blues! (I'm finally learning how to use Photoshop so I thought I'd take a crack at it.)

Limi Feu's designs from her spring 2009 collection are edgy but still simple. Just how I like it. Not to mention the Princess Leah headphones/hair pieces are totally dope! Here are a few that I enjoyed most.

My favorite is the simple, white buttoned up men's shirt with the black tuxedo vest. If I could just find some lace-up boots that actually suit my taste, I'd be set.

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