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Friday, February 13, 2009

Like a Virgin...

Happy Friday and hurray for a three day weekend! For me, at least. Granted, we had to beg the boss man for the day off.

I moved last weekend and have been pulling clothes out of my "to get rid of" bags and have found numerous pieces of clothing that I've decided to keep! Today I feel very Madonna/Cyndi Lauper with a modern twist? Maybe it's just because I have that song in my head...or I just wish I was a virgin again. HA, yeah I'm pretty comical when need be. :)

Blazer: Guess
Skirt: HK Gift from my mom
Shirt: Random store in NJ from years ago
Booties: Steven by Steve Madden

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  1. pretty looks..happy valentine's day, dear! have lots of fun.